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Who is Koelnig

Koelnig GmbH & Co. KG is a Hamburg based wholesale agency (focus cosmetics & Pharma and cross-border e-commerce enabler, who aims at optimising up-stream supply chain for large customers from China, simultaneously offering professional service to accompany international brands enter Chinese market free of hassle.

With our first class in-house operation team based in Shanghai, we are fully capable of offering European brands one-stop service packet covering:
- Market Entry Strategy Development
- E-commerce Operation incl. E2E Cross-Border Logistic Management
- Market Monitoring & Grey Market Elimination
- Online & Offline Channel Management
- Digital Marketing (Marketplace internal, RedBook, Weibo, Wechat, SEO etc.)
- Trade Mark & CFDA Registration

All services are tailored for client's actual demand.

Our Philosophie

It is young, but its staffs are highly professional and experienced

It only does things what it does best

It provides first-in-class service to its clients

It grows rapidly day by day, but it is never radical



Home & Lifestyle

We are suitable for...

European SMEs

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preferable from Germany, France, Switzerland and Scandinavian countries

Who produce

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Skin Care & Cosmetics
Health Supplements
Home & Living


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1. With certain level of brand recognition in China
2. Not merely looking for distributor for buying
3. Aiming at long-term brand development in China
4. High willingness to invest in brand building