We are constantly looking for experienced professionals to join our business network and mutually bring high potential European brands and products to the Chinese market. 
Long-term win-win-colaboration is what we together pursue

You should be...

Specialised & Focused

We don't look for "all-rounders", instead we firmly believe via our past experience that success is better to be achieved, when a small business unit is focusing on certain perspectives. It would be great if you are specialised in cosmetics and home & living verticals, your expertise will help us a lot

Experienced & Connected

No less than 5 years of work experience in the target categories with proven record in brand development and wholesale. You should be well-connected within the industries to guide us to the senior-management of the target brands and negotiate best cooperation terms

Honest & Fair

For a long-lasting cooperation, solid trust in each other is key. We provide you maximised transparency into our downstream business. In return, we expect that you should as well do the same. After each successful cooperation, we divide margin impartially

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