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Key Accounting

In Europe, our Hamburg and Paris-based team runs local key account management with signed clients.

In China, our Shanghai-based team builds and maintains a direct, close relationship to the buying business partners locally.


The team presents products to the local buying teams and provides them with all necessary information to get products listed.


Koelnig to carry out actions in fully alignment with the client as exclusive distributor

To maximise the profit for both parties, Koelnig shall deploy professional legal representative in China to efficiently eliminate counterfeits and illegal sales channels

Logistic Management

Logistics plays a key role in achieving success on the Chinese market. 

Our state-of-the-art fulfillment infrastructure and associated logistics management is a major point of difference which outstands us from just being a sales agent

Logistic Solution 1

Logistic Solution 2

Our Advantages


Koelnig selected as designated One-Stop service provider for market entry    

Christian Lenart

Koelnig successfully bridged cooperation between the brand and Chinese distributer

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